Bisonette Glee Club

The Bisonettes, OBU’s Women’s Glee Club, was founded in 1954 by Warren M. Angell, former dean of the College of Fine Arts. While music majors comprise a majority of the singers, the group is represented by a wide group of non-music majors, including nursing, graphic design, biblical languages, psychology, biology, and English.  The group performs at a wide range of campus events and off-campus concerts including churches and schools. The repertoire of the group represents a wide range of compositional styles in both sacred and secular musical formats as well as showcasing choral standards, traditional numbers, and contemporary compositions.  The Bisonettes are conducted by Dr. Jim Vernon.  To schedule the Bisonettes, contact Dr. Vernon at or call 405.585.4325.

BWGC Calendar

Sunday, February 25: Church runout
Tuesday, March 13: Chapel rehearsal (9:00 PM in Potter) 
Wednesday, March 14: All choirs in Chapel (10:00 AM)
Sunday, April 15: Church runout 
Saturday, May 5: Spring Concert (7:30 PM in YA)